Photo Dump!

Ok, so it isn’t the same day. You probably expected that at this point. But hey, at least its only been about a week since my last update! Before we get on to the photos, I just wanted to let y’all know that the fundraiser is back under way, we have sold 3 more shirts … More Photo Dump!

Ivy’s Beads

Ok so while we were preparing for Ivy’s surgery, I desperately needed a distraction. I was thinking about how much Ivy loves beads, and about how exciting her next birthday (the big FIVE!!) will be. I knew we should have a bead-themed party, and we will! But I also had another idea… I would absolutely … More Ivy’s Beads

Post-Surgery Update

In true rockstar fashion, Ivy aced her surgery! We are so thankful. After a somewhat lengthier than expected start to her surgery once we sent her back (judging by the number of pokes on the backs of her hands and the IVs in BOTH her feet they were having a little trouble finding a good … More Post-Surgery Update

Ivy Update

Oh gosh, where to start? It’s been almost 2 months since Ivy has been at her baseline, health-wise.  After that 180-degree turn toward the end of Sept, we were unable to wean her back to her nasal bipap mask.  She remained on her full face and on a good night, we only needed to bleed … More Ivy Update